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Teaching English practices in a hybrid course at a Mexican public university
Alexia Alejandra Cardenas Zavala, Maria Del Rocio Dominguez Gaona

Última modificación: 2022-04-29


Abstract This presentation aims to share the findings of a study about foreign language teaching practices (English) in a Mexican University in a hybrid course using an electronic platform during pandemics.  Despite teaching with an electronic platform was not new for these teachers, the challenges of teaching face to face and virtually vary.  This situation brought the need of analyzing the process of teaching a language especially in these times of pandemics. Due to the nature of this research, it required the implementation of a qualitative methodology that included the development of a checklist for the observation of several classes.  Some of the results showed that most lessons followed the same organizational pattern and most of them were limited to the development of two skills: reading and speaking, and grammar. Most teachers preferred the resources offered by the platform and a few risked themselves to use other electronic tools to help students interact. It was also found that all teachers used English most of the class time; students used it to respond when being chosen but not when they had questions or doubts about the class, no matter what level they were in.  As we can see these observations provided information to describe the language teaching practices providing an outlook of the current situation and undertaking discussions and suggestions to improve future language teaching processes.

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